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Interpretation of GoDaddy Migration Completed email - Help Please


Godaddy completed our site migration....after 3 months of mishaps....several.


Standard migration is now done email arrived. 


Can someone please interpret the email to me -- Have no idea what first few parts mean.

(Have already spent about 8-9 hours on Help Desk calls, approx 5 of them) over past 3 months on this 3 month migration.  I cannot waste another 2-3 hours. Therefore, I appeal to this forum.

(Last help desk guy, thankfully, fix the 3 month migration mishap.  God bless him.)


Here is copy of email. [ brackets - my comments.]

I split  the email below  into what MIGHT be the steps: 


Making the site live:

When you are ready for the migrated content to be live at you will need to remove from the source hosting account....[huh?? What does that mean]...


...and change the domain on the destination from to [where? in the domain's DNS?   In the Godaddy Hosting Dashboard? - if Dashboard, how? ]


Then you can point the DNS for to the IP address of the destination hosting account, which is listed below:
        IP Address 999.999.99.999
[This last part is the only step  that makes  any sense to me. ]


Background:  old site is on WP-Managed hosting;  new site/new hosting is on cPanel.


If anyone cares to help/interpret (and can), that would be great.

Thank you.



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Re: Interpretation of GoDaddy Migration Completed email - Help Please

Change the domain in the old hosting plan to and then change the domain in the new hosting plan to just (it may take the system a little time to recognize that the domain has been freed up).


Re: Interpretation of GoDaddy Migration Completed email - Help Please

Thank you.


"....This article makes the following assumptions:...You are using the same hosting account for your new WordPress site...." 

(We have a new hosting account...not the same one.  Site migration -- from WP-Managed to cPanel -- 2 sites in existence.)


Going to try to just remove the site off WP-Managed and hope for the best.

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Re: Interpretation of GoDaddy Migration Completed email - Help Please

I'm sorry that was the wrong article.


Removing the site from Managed WP would also work.


After that the domain should be freed up so that you can add it to the new hosting plan.


Re: Thank you Interpretation of GoDaddy Migration Completed email

Thank you. Figured it all out. Your ideas prompted me to be brave and just start tinkering.


Switched the URL to the long cryptic string of the testing site URL to free up the domain.


There were some errors in the DNS as GoDaddy techs didn't change old IP to the actual IP with the old hosting #1....thus added confusion and time to wade through and figure out all the IPs (3 of them due to botched migrations and newest tech in a long string of them who came up with a solution after 3 months); had to figure  out what was active and what was not in order to plug in the IPs and release the domain from the proper one.   Then we plugged in the new IP into the DNS.   


Thanks again.  It's working. Took way too long thanks to GoDaddy's cryptic email. (We did pay them $100 to migrate....not sure why they don't do this last step since they could do it in about 30 seconds, and save me hours.  GoDaddy could learn good customer goodwill causes clients to stay and tell others if they are great.  After 15 years, I have a long, long list of issues with now two accounts, mishaps, wasted time, and wasted money.... these past 4 years. That translates into poor PR. You can guess my next step with at least three accounts.)