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Issues sending emails from website - [fcgid:warn] (32)Broken pipe error on log

I have a Deluxe Web Hosting Linux but i just noticed that my WordPress site is not sending emails also i have a small php application that i not sending emails.


I checked the error logs and this what it have

[Wed Jan 18 15:58:36 2017] [7061018] [fcgid:warn] (32)Broken pipe:

[Wed Jan 18 17:27:49 2017] [7061018] [fcgid:warn] (9)Bad file descriptor: [] mod_fcgid: ap_pass_brigade failed in handle_request_ipc function


any one have any idea what can be causing it?


Thanks in advance.


Hello @opentech_bz!


Thank you for posting. To help the community better answer your question, can you provide some additional detail? What scripting are you using for email?


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