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Micro Hosting

Hi all, 

It's not often i post something here, I'm usually answering problems. Today though I thought I would post an idea and see if any good ideas came back.

I'm thinking of rolling out 'Micro hosting' for want of a better term. Where someone could host a simple site for a hour, a morning, up to a week. No more, anything beyond a week and I would suggest Godaddy here. I'm thinking about presentations of built sites to prospective clients, emergency hosting when stuff hits the fan, where temporarily I could host their site until it's fixed with their proper service providers. That kind of thing.

I have all the server software small scale, in that it would have to be simple and medium sized sites and there would be limits as to numbers of sites. It would be rather exclusive and on a first come first served (forgive the pun) basis. 

All the talk these days is about micro businesses being at the hub of the worlds economies these days, I just though that a micro hosting service would complement that. Just paying for the time they use. But it wouldn't be practical for longer periods than a week I don't think. It wouldn't be micro either! 

The idea is still formulating in my head and any tips, suggestions, ideas, pitfalls, experience, anything of a positive nature would be most welcome. Please post on public post, not private message as I would like everyone to be able to benefit from any knowledge or tips.

Thank you!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Micro Hosting

Hey @Anonymous</a>. I'm surprised this post has gone unanswered for so long Man Sad I think it sounds like a good idea in concept. I think you could find a niche for it. However, my first thought was that you would need to be able to police content very closely. I hate to say it, but it could draw users that want to host some pretty unsavory content. You would need to have a streamlined way of verifying it is a legitimate user and not someone trying to host something other hosts wouldn't allow. That's just my 2¢, though Man Happy


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Re: Micro Hosting

Hi @JesseW,

thankyou for your valued input there. I was thinking the same thing about needing to vet carefully any content. I know exactly what you mean. But perhaps an exclusivity will add appeal. 

I can see though that I would need carefully drafted term and conditions and like you said, a streamlined method to initially weed out the bad guys. I can see a refresher course on grep and regex coming on. 😊