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Moving content from subdomain to main domain...



I am hoping someone can help me. 

I built a new site on wordpress using a subdomain. I want to move all of that content to my main domain and remove the current information on my main domain. 


Both sites are currently live. The main domain is an outdated website. I bought a new theme and built a new website on the subdomain for easy transfer as this is what I did last time. I need my website to be live and only down for 24hours. This was done for me before by GoDaddy for free, they are now saying I need to pay $99 to migrate the info and it will be down for 7 days. I am a service-based business my site cannot be down that long. Also how can it now take 7 days when it took 24 hours before. Both sites are hosted by godaddy and both are wordpress based sites on CPanel/


Can someone please help me. 


I do not want to forward the info from my subdomain to my main domain. Once the content is moved over I want the subdomain to be removed.




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Re: Moving content from subdomain to main domain...

Are they in the same hosting plan or different hosting plans?  What types and tier hosting plan(s) do you have?  Is the domain in the same account?

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Re: Moving content from subdomain to main domain...



1) In regards to GoDaddy charging vs not charging and time - I believe this is done by their professional services team and while it may only take a 30-45 minutes to move the site, it maybe that they want to allow themselves enough time to do it.


2) There are two options to getting this moved

a) Pay to have it moved - it is a little bit more than just copying the files between folders - there are also some database updates that need to be run.

b) Use a plugin like  - this will create a backup of the site and when you go to do the install it will then do the database updates for you.


In theory your site should only be down for a few minutes while you make the copy.


Please feel free to send me a PM if you'd like to discuss option A above.

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