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My website hacked and I can't backup my files!


This is a very sad story!

I was hospitalized for long period, some of my customers send me that my website is not available.

I checked the root folder and found that too many files missing.

In control panel no ability to restore files!

I contacted support via chat, they told me to call, I have no voice, so I can't make a call conversation!

No tickets system, no CRM system!

What should disabilities customers do? 

It may take me weeks to get my voice back!

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Hi @Abedt,

sorry to hear you have been unwell, I wish you a speedy recovery. In the meanwhile please try the live chat option. That's Arizona local time 9am to 6pm. I don't know your time difference but you will have to work it out or you can install apps for world clocks. 

Best wishes. 


I would just add that advice is always available here too 24/7 usually. It helps if tags are put in the message (keywords) and use the @ name of the person you are addressing too.