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My wesite is down

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Hi @Andiaquarius,


without a domain name no checks can be made.............. sorry!

I created my Website with Go Daddys Business Website Builder a few years ago for Domaine Name (Go Daddy Account) . Last week I changed the Domaine Name for this Website to (also from Go Daddy).

Now no Website is working.

How can I figure out what's the problem?

regards, Andi

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Hi @Andiaquarius,



working now Cat Happy

Well, It's not working on my browser.

BTW all my domains are under one Account.

Andreas Haberl
Customer #:22362533

Domains: , and .

But it seems only is Hosted. 

And when I go to My Domains > > Manage > it asks me what website builder (WordPress, etc) I want to use. But I just want to use the Go Daddy Business Website Builder and be hosted by GoDaddy

It seems all is messed up.