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Need help with server name issues

So this is my first attempt as building a website and its turning out to be more difficult than expected. I have a homelab/hp server set up with dhcp/active directory/ dns. I have a static address. OS is windows server 2012 r2. I understand I need 2 server names to connect it to my web server but dont understand how they relate to the server or where to find them on the server. If someone would like to help, that would be amazing. Other than that ill keep googling.

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Hi @jackptp,


Please breakdown what you are trying to do here. I am not familiar with your setup, please try and explain clearer:

  • Your domain name (registered)
  • Your intended hosting
  • Your IP (send this private message if you wish, though anyone giving their domain name with a static IP is giving their IP publicly)
  • Tools used for building site.
  • Specific errors and issues.

Thank you!

The issue is resolved now. I spoke with a live chat rep and she insisted I needed to add host servernames and given I was hosting off my home server I did not know where to find this info. When in fact all I needed to do is point my domain to my public address. She probably didn't understand what I was trying to do either. Either way. All is well now.

-Thanks all