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Need to switch primary domain, switch SSL certificate and forward domains

Dear Community,


After repeatedly googling and looking for answers in the existing help, I have finally decided to post here. First, my setup (all domain names are fictional)


  1. I currently have Economy Web Hosting Linux 
  2. I currently have 2 domains both of which are registered and managed under GoDaddy


Some back story is necessary in order to explain the whole scenario (in chronological order)

  1. My company purchased which is the primary domain on the hosting
  2. An SSL certificate was purchased with GoDaddy and installed
  3. A redirect was created for to
  4. My company purchased from a domain seller
  5. was transferred into GoDaddy and is being managed in GoDaddy
  6. was connect to hosting account mentioned in step 1 above

Currently navigating to redirects the users to and  navigating to brings up the same site hosted in GoDaddy but navigating to gives an SSL warning that your connection is not secure. 


Here is what I would like to have happen; when navigating to or or, the user should be redirected to


I found the following article but some links in the article are not working and most instructions are not applicable to me


I am assuming I need to uninstall the SSL certificate, then reinstall the SSL certificate registered with the new domain and then setup the forwarding. Any articles that you guys can reference, I would really appreciate it.