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New here and have questions about managing Backup

Hi. I'm a newbie who has inherited the care and upkeep of a server here and trying to avoid another long call in to tech support.


We are using the Website & Database Backups feature. We have free 50Gb with our server and just turned it on recently, less than a month ago.


I can see it is backing up but I don't know exactly why the backups are increasing in size... I'm assuming it is incremental backups.


We also are recovering from malware infestation and so I'd like to get rid of old backups and start fresh.


However, I don't want to hit the trash can if there is some other way I can see what is going on.


As I type this, I am thinking I do need to call tomorrow but I do wonder why I am offered 50gb and that appears to not even last a month and if I should be up there deleting old backups or should I get some kind of super deluxe plan. It looks like have about 42GB total but I am not sure if some of this is due to the hack and files being generated?


Any help greatly appreciated, even if it is just to tell me I should call tech support. 🙂




It probably does have to do with the hack. The backups are incremental, so your overall size shouldn't creep up that much during normal use unless all of your files are changing constantly. Also, it's worth making sure your databases are backing up too, with a server that doesn't automatically configure.


Thank you. We are backing up the databases too. Will get it sorted and try again.