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Problem with hosting performance

Dear all,


We bought the deluxe linux hosting package but about two weeks from now and till now we have a problem with performance.


Its so slow even till now we didnt share the website with the public still we are developing but we have problem with the performance of the website.


We have another website with the same specifications but not slow as this one.

Helper VI
Helper VI

Re: Problem with hosting performance

@echoplus the performance depends on the hosting capabilities and your site code.

Are you using WordPress with many plugins? That could be your primary issue.

Also, I'd recommend you to use cloudflare's caching in order to reduce the load on your site.


Hope it helps!

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Re: Problem with hosting performance

i also experiencing the same way but i use php to my website

the problem is the website can be view now but the problem is the functionality of my website isn't working like uploading videos and uploading pictures, and can't even signup nor login, what is the problem, i've checked the codes to a php developer and they say there's no problem at the codings i made, but what is the problem i didn't know now the godaddy support team and the hosting support always says maybe the scripts that i made was wrong, i will say it is not on the scripts im a new developer but it works on my xampp (a tester of making website) and checked to 3 pro php developers and they said that the scripts are correct what is the problem. please help me i have a  2 weeks left on the trial of the website i made but still it didn't work, please fix the solution, the chances of losing my first job is on the brink because of this hosting problems. i spent so many nights with no sleep and eat to do this, i spent so many money that i owned because of this and you giving me the same answers that the maybe there something wrong in my scripts. please reply as soon as possible to any answers of this f***ing hosting you made. i will say no wrong in my scripts okay. maybe in your part was something wrong