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Server response time

Hi there, 

For the last 4 days, i have a problem with may loading speed.


Reduce server response time
In our test, your server responded in 6.9 seconds. There are many factors that can slow down your server response time. Please read our recommendations to learn how you can monitor and measure where your server is spending the most time.
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using google page speed insight.


Usually my site loads in about 6 sec...(test with pingdoom tools), now it loads in 14 seconds... Any idea why? I have the economy Package with max resources. In the cpanel, my resources are showing normal values, is not a problem of how much traffic i get (test were made at night, with 2-3 connections on the site)...nothing changed on my website...

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Is this regular over a reasonable timeframe, or just an odd occurance that you noticed?

Can you provide a url? GoDaddy shared hosting is dubiously slow with inconsistent speeds.