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Site down/Wp+admin page blank

Hi All


Reasonably new customer to go daddy. I tried to pull up my site today, which is new and still being developed and I am getting a "site is temporarily down" error and when I try to log into the back end at the /wp_admin part it is just a blank page. 
The wordpress install seems to have upgraded itself at some point but that is in a subfolder where I am developing some of the site content and the page that usually says "future home of something great" isn't even appearing. 

Any help would...well it would be helpful 




John Cutliffe

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Super User II

Re: Site down/Wp+admin page blank



Looks like you may have a conflict...  Here's a tutorial you can follow to troublehshoot:


How to Fix the WordPress White Screen of Death


HTH! 😉


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