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Strict requirements for default values not set - possible to disable? Fresh Store Builder

I am trying to run an online store using Fresh Store Builder, but although things are set up correctly, I'm getting endless errors when trying to add products, and in other areas.  Support for the FSB program tells me -->

"that is due to your hosting company enabling the "strict requirements for default values not set". This needs to be disabled on their end and in the past I have know the hosts to do it quickly for their customers."


I called GD tech support and was told it's not possible to change this setting because I'm on shared hosting and if they change it for me, they change it for everyone. But the store software support tell me that they have thousands of clients on shared hosting who have working stores with the correct setting.

I can't get my store to work without disabling the setting and GD say they can't disable it. So I'm stuck!


Anyone else here using Fresh Store Builder? Or know how to disable this setting?

Thank you.


Bumping up. Can anyone help? Does anyone at GoDaddy monitor these forums and can give advice on this issue for me?