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Struggling to get website live

I've been having a lot of trouble getting deluxe hosting to work well with wordpress. I am trying to host a few (2-4) websites as subdomains of one hosting account, the problems come in when I get wordpress up and running on those subdomains, either the index page wont load (too many redirects) or all of the links will show the full subdomain address (I only want it to show the domain that is hosted as a subdomain).


For example:

If I'm hosting as my main hosting domain. is hosted in (a function of deluxe hosting).

If I change wordpress settings to - going to gives me a redirect error, but i can type in and it, and other links work fine. 

If i change wordpress settings to , going to will load the index page just fine, but all links show which I'd prefer it not to show...


To make matters worse, the wordpress site I installed yesterday refuses to update. I can change themes, but adding pages give the "update failed" error. I'll be reinstalling today but i'm about to throw in the towel, any help would be greatly appreciated.