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Unable to host website properly.

my website ( has designed on php5.6 version,and hosted on paidboom but not they are not supporting php5.6 version so i have decided to transfer hosting at godaddy,

i take full website backup & upload on godaddy server through cpanel on html folder and extract the folder,but my website is not working.

i tried the same with the source code folder provided by the developer.Developer is not supporting she is asking extra money to host.


i am getting the following error


This site can’t be reached’s server IP address could not be found.


when i talk to godaddy support team they just ask me to update wp-config.php file.
but they are not telling the process,how to update and in which folder currently it will available.
need your kind advise,as my developer is not supporting.
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Hey there @deepakiitk8,


Based on DNS tests, your nameservers aren't resolving correctly, which would explain the error you're getting.


Make sure your DNS configuration is set up correctly. It needs to be pointed to GoDaddy nameservers if you're hosting here.


As to the changes they said to make in the wp-config file, that's a little vague. You will want to talk with your developer to ensure it gets set up correctly or do some research on the net to see if you can't diagnose your issue. The information provided just isn't enough for anyone here to make an educated diagnosis of the problem.

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