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Worst Customer service EVER!!


At least you have the courtesy to address the issue.
However m not able to accept the fact that I spent long hours when try to
buy some product or service from GoDaddy without any disconnections or
network issues.
But suddenly when I had some issues lines are not connecting or some
Network problem or time zone issues.

I need to speak to someone who can understand, acknowledge, assesses my
I don't need no apology email.
I need resolution.

M facing more problem with my website after contacting your unprofessional
amateur silly and half knowledged so called professionals.

I expect GoDaddy to consider my issue and act accordingly with very
effective solution on earliest possible timelines.

I hope you guys will not let me take this issue to next level.
I expect you to understand what I mean and act accordingly.

Awaiting your response at the earliest.

Unsatisfied irate customer

I've been with GoDaddy for 20 years. There are some changes I don't like since Bob sold - BUT - All the people there I have dealt with are excellent support and have always resolved or found the solution to solve any of my needs or a rare problem.


Compared to NetSol,, Domain Discover and others I've used over the years, Go Daddy is MUCH better!


Thanks You Godaddy Guys and Gals team,


Mark Costa


I agree!!! They are the BEST that I've worked with and would recommend them to anyone!


Bob Lowe

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Eagle City Mining Company

GoldFever Mining Supply