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    Can't proceed in adding a website via Managed Wordpress

    I purchased managed wordpress hosting and was able to add a new site.  However, I realized that the succceeding steps that I followed are for creating a new website from scratch (what I really need to do is to transfer a site from my local computer into godaddy Hosting) and so I deleted the site I just added in godaddy.


    I attempted to add a new site (for the same domain but the domain criteria "Not already hosted elsewhere" is no longer checked.  This prevents me from adding a new site.  Please advise on how to proceed.

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    I am not certain if your website is already live anywhere as you mentioned that this:


    @Deo_admin wrote:

    (what I really need to do is to transfer a site from my local computer into godaddy Hosting) 


    Just to answer your question in general, you need to update the DNS records from the old hosting to new Godaddy hosting in order to map all the godaddy settings to your existing domain. I had similar issue back in the days before I decided to move to managed wordpress hosting. I am not much sure about Godaddy, but I use WPEngine, in which it is very simple to easily migrate from one hosting to the other without getting much into details. If you have a WordPress website, then I would recommend you checking this guide:  Also this guide may also be useful to move hosting between accounts. 








         I bought a Google domain, and was unsuccessful pairing it to my Managed Wordpress hosting. I'm able to change DNS "A" records on Google's side but I cannot add the site itself to my Go Daddy Hosting. I gave it a few hours with no luck.


         However, I was able to add and paired that domain successfully to my wordpress hosting by changing my DNS "A" record to point to my hosting.


    I want to use but I still can't add it. I've linked a photo of what it looks like.






    Hello! Can you confirm, please, that updating A record in your Google Domain dashboard will suffice? Wasn't necessary nameservers change/update in Google domain account, too? 


    thank you! 

    Hi! Sorry for the late reply. 


    No, updating the "A" records didn't help.


    I  called customer support, three times, and on the third time got someone who knew what was going on technically speaking. I don't know exactly what he did except that he saw that there was an attempt to pair my domain name to my hosting and "something" was in queue waiting "to be pushed through." I presume it was something small as it finally paired.

    If you're stuck, I'd call customer service and get to someone who can work on your pairing issue rather than giving you the "wait a few hours or days" line.

    Hey there ferio252,


    The warning that you see regarding the IP is more just that, a warning that you'll need to update DNS for the account to be fully functional, however, would not prevent you from setting up the account.

    Do you happen to have another hosting account at GoDaddy for that domain?  The issue you are seeing is likely not a result of the DNS record, but  that the domain is already setup on a hosting account with us already.  

    It is possible - if you just purchased the domain - that the previous owner still has a hosting account setup.  If this is the case, a call to our support line should be able to resolve the discrepancy for you, and ultimately allow you to setup your Managed WordPress account.