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    Domain, DNS, and 404 issues

    Can someone please help me? This is my second post the last one dissapeared. 


    I have a domain and hosting with go daddy, I also have a domain I purchased from name cheap. Everything was working until I added the namecheap domain. Now no matter what I do nothing works, and I have no clue where the problem is. 

    I called support and they told me to add nameservers in the namecheap settings, I did all this. The go daddy domain now forwards to the namecheap domain, but instead of just it sends me to I cannot log into wordpress admin. My website will not load I get ERR_Connection_reset or 404, or a message saying too many redirects. 

    5 days and counting with no access to my website, namecheap wont help they say it's on the hosting end. Go daddy wont help as the domain is not with them. Is what I'm trying to do just not possible? Please help 

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    Hi @dragon1,


    Let me get this straight.

    Namecheap won't help because they say the problem is with hosting? So that implies you do not have hosting with namecheap? Where are your site files? With Godaddy?


    • It sounds like you have domain and hosting with Godaddy.
    • Your wordmess site is applied to your Godaddy hosting.
    • You purchased from namecheap.
    • You want the from namecheap to point to your from Godaddy?
    • You ended up instead pointing your from Godaddy to from namecheap, where there is no hosting, hence the 404 error!
    • If you want to forward your namecheap domain name to your godaddy site you should go into namecheap DNS settings and forward (to godaddy) or replace the 'A' records with godaddy servers.
    • If you want your new domain from namecheap to be attributed to the hosting account you have with godaddy then you need to go into your hosting settings and thus:

    You could help me help you by giving both domain names so I can check your settings and see where you are. Personally I hate (take a note everyone) pseudo domain names that have me thinking about algebra again....... domain x to become y but not before......... It's much easier to show a flower instead of describing a flower..... hence Zen.... Just show the domain names and I can look myself.........

    You were sort of correct...I have hosting with godaddy and a domain I have another domain that also has ssl from namecheap which is 


    What has been set up is for the to be forwarded to This wasn't working according to namecheap because I did not have the correct settings in the zone file. I worked out what a zone file was and added the domain. Testing with nslookup works now, where it didn't yesterday. 


    Namecheap have again said the issue is on the hosting end. What I can't work out is what I need to do to get this to work, since in theory it should be possible, or so godaddy support informed me. Since I can't get a refund on the namecheap domain and ssl I would really like to be able to use it. 


    For some reason ends up at the page either times out, or I get 404.  At this point I'm guess I just have to undo the redirection and have to purchase another domain and ssl with godaddy. 

    I have tried the solution you linked to. was already changed as the main domain. Does my domain need to include the http and www?  All of my A records have the right information, and ip address. Namecheap are using the correct nameservers. Is what I'm trying to do just impossible?


    I'm so confused dodaddy support set up forwarding so is forwarding to which doesn't make sense or seem to be what I'm actually trying to do...should I remove the forwarding?


    Well I tried removing forwarding now says site temporarily down, and is still stuck in the same continual loop. How do I go about undoing all of this to go back to just I admit defeat and that I've wasted money with namecheap. 


    Added the forwarding back again, and now the dns issue is back. The domain with Namecheap I purchased first, and it came with ssl so I thought great. Hosting with Godaddy was better value so I signed up and got another domain. All I wanted was for my from Namecheap to link to where I have my hosting. It should be a simple process, but I don't understand how this all works. Ideally I would like the domain be linked to my webpages store page if that's that if a customer typed in there would automatically go to the store section of my website rather than the homepage. Does that make sense? 


    I'm ready to just hit the reset button and lose weeks of work to get this working correctly. Setting up again would be quicker and easier than wasting one more day trying to figure out this issue. I was about ready to launch my site, then this happened. I can access the site via cpanel....if I downloaded all the files would I be able to just upload these again after i hit reset?

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    No you are ok and I can see what's going on here. I have just to sit down as I have magic dragons 🐉 flying round my head. 


    Its no good forwarding your original site ( please let's just call them original and new) to your new site as you have no hosting attributed to your new domain, hence 404 error! Meaning it can't find the files, they are not there. And you can't assign your new domain to your original hosting because what you really want is simply a store attached to your original site. Not just 


    So what I propose is this:

    Create a new hosting account and on this place your store (new store) and assign the new domain to it......... phew!  Then you can link both sites with cross links so they both tie in. How does that sound?


    i know what you are probably thinking, why can I not just add a store and forward my new domain to those pages on my original site. You could indeed, but folk don't always enter a site the way you intend once they know the page URL's. So best if you want a separate domain, to keep content also separate. It will be faster too. 

    I hope this makes a modicum of sense, forgive me if otherwise, but I answered your reply before I put my shopping away and I have freezer stuff that's not so frozen now lol.... I hope you send me a dragon bookmark or something now 😊

    Thanks for trying to help but that solution won't work for me. I'm running a wordpress site with woocommerce, so the whole site is already a store. I just wanted to use this domain from namecheap as it has the ssl the I need so I don't have to go buying another one. 


    Surely there has to be some way that I can use both domains? I see other websites doing this all the time for example when they are changing a business name the old web address redirects to the new one. Why can't I associate this domain with my hosting account? I really don't care how the domain is used of if I even use as I intend on buying in the near future. I must use the domain that has the ssl attached. 



    I think I will give up for tonight, I can't believe I've wasted so long trying to work this out. I have removed the forwarding of the old to the new. Everything says that I am now using the new domain, but clearly I'm not since I cannot access wp-admin. 


    New question, how do I just ditch completely and just use for now? Is there a way to do that at all? It seems like the only way I'm going to get my store up and running. I'm probably going to fail in the first six months, but it would be nice to at least learn what I'm doing in the process!

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    Hi @dragon1,


    I won't give up on you.......


    what at you are now saying means that you should be able to assign the new domain to your original hosting. This is done in hosting settings and basically changes the 'A' record.

    make full backups of your site first. I think I posted you a link on how to do this. 

    Please give me both full domain names and I can see what is what here if this isn't working. We will get to the bottom of this....

    I may need GoDaddy for dummies explanations, thank you!


    So what I think I need to remove is the forwarding...according to my settings I have added the new domain, but what I'm not sure is which A name record to change as there are a few. I'm not sure how to backup my site, I don't think you sent me a link. At the moment I can't even accedd the wordpress admin panel to take note of all the plugins already installed. I had only added a few items so far and they are safely backed up so starting again isn't that big of a deal. 


    I will have to search the documents here for step by step guides on adding a non godaddy domain. So I press the reset button, what would be the next step after that?

    I got myself sorted thank you for your assistance. I ended up calling support and getting then to walk me through the process from scratch. In the end all I needed to do was setup my wordpress install with the new domain. I had already added the new domain to godaddy, as well as updated the correct nameservers. Then it was a simple process to forward the old domain to the new domain. In my case messing with the A records is what confused things. 


    Thank you again 🙂

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    Hi @dragon1,



    thats exactly what I was going to walk you through, glad you gave support a call and got sorted. 

    Now you have it all sorted, don't mess with the records lol 😂


    Enjoy your day 😊