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    Fully Backup and restore website


    is there anyway of getting a backup of my site if the hosting is expired and domain also ?

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    Re: Fully Backup and restore website

    Hi @mavi123,


    Only one way and you have to be very quick about it......... phone support! It's only 2am in Arizona so live chat won't be available for another 3 - 4 hours at least. Phones are 24/7:



    Time is of the essence as there is only a small window of opportunity. 


    Godaddy are not responsible for backups of your site but will help if they are able to.

    Re: Fully Backup and restore website

    thank you

    How long it takes to restore the backup?

    I took backup of my website from Managed WordPress backup option. Its included in my plan and i selected one day old website and database. Now my website and admin panel are not opening. it redirects the website at /wp-admin/install.php. what is going on? how long it takes to apply backups?

    Helper I
    Helper I

    Re: How long it takes to restore the backup?

    Ibrahim, did you get an answer or find out how to fix?


    I have had similar issues now and then... I think it's because the login process redirects you BACK to the login window after logging you in!  Look at the URL when you are first logging in: if there is a redirect URL at the end of it (part of the query info after the question mark), REMOVE the redirect portion (I usually remove everything after the ? mark).  Then, once you login, you'll get to the actual admin panel.



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