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    Godaddy Hosted Wordpress Site Cache Is Stale

    I usually schedule my posts up to a week out as I also have a full time job.  I just moved my Wordpress into Godaddy Hosted, thinking it would make life easier. So far it has not.


    I schedule posts for future dates, but the site cache is stale - so if you navigate to the main site you see posts from yesterday (or days before).  If I manually flush the cache the new content shows - but the posting issues are hurting my traffic.


    Does anyone know if there is a way to schedule a cache flush?  And or is there a way to force it to flush after each post is published?

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    Re: Godaddy Hosted Wordpress Site Cache Is Stale

    So I chatted with the support team today.


    I was told that you have to flush the cache whenever you post?


    That can't possibly be correct right?

    Re: Godaddy Hosted Wordpress Site Cache Is Stale

    @UndeadEarth I am trying to find an answer to this as well. 


    This article would solve the problem:



    Except WP_CACHE was already set to false in my wp-config!


    The two customer service help people I spoke with just told me:

    1. That managed wordpress has their own cache settings.

    2. They did not know how to change them.

    3. They did not know why the wordpress pro 5 settings are different from my old managed wordpress (when I didn't have to flush the cache).

    4. And I was told there was no one else I could ask how to change these settings.


    Flushing the cache after each post is not a solution. And does not work for scheduled posts. So infuriating.

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    Super User III

    Re: Godaddy Hosted Wordpress Site Cache Is Stale

    @UndeadEarth @jjphillipsyo 


    Unfortunately, in a lot of ways, the Managed WordPress offering from GoDaddy is just not good. It's been on older servers for years now and they are updating and converting it to be more in line with current standards, but that can be a hard thing to do with millions of customers.


    I would honestly suggest just using a standard cPanel setup. That way you can control the caching plugins to do what you want.

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