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    How to install ionCube loader on Woocommerce Managed Wordpress

    Hi everyone,


    I've tried to install ionCube loader on Managed wordpress - woocommerce. I've done everything it says on HELP section but I couldn't see any loader-wizard.php for me to choose "Shared". I chat with the support though but no solution in the end. Can someone help please. Thank you.



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    Re: How to install ionCube loader on Woocommerce Managed Wordpress

    Hi @jojie,


    If you haven't seen this, perhaps it will help.


    In your case it sounds like there may be some permissions that are missing on that file/folder.


    Because of managedwp hosting restrictions you might find a business cPanel as a good alternative.  I've used it and highly recommend it. You can use the GoDaddy Pro dashboard to get automatic updates, backups, and other tools to help with your site in place of the regular WP hosting panel.


    Hope this helps,


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