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    Inline CSS added to source

    In the theme I am using I have all the css for tables commented out of the the theme style sheets but have css showing up in the head inline.

    <style id='activation02-inline-css' type='text/css'>

    .... all the old styles ....


    Where is this coming from and how to I stop or modify it? Any help is appreciated!

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    Re: Inline CSS added to source



    This could be from the theme or a plugin


    Does your theme have an "advanced" section in the theme settings with custom CSS in it?



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    Re: Inline CSS added to source

    I am thinking it must be the output of the customizer styles as the css has the style for the site header image but there is no where in customizer to set these table styles and the only css in additional css is mine. 

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    Re: Inline CSS added to source

    Hi @gkboyles,


    @PL281  is probably right with the way the theme/customizer is working.  If the theme/plugin uses tables for "price comparisons, info boxes, etc."  this code is going to be difficult to eliminate.  If modfying code at the css level is something you frequently do, you may want to check out something like OxygenBuilder.  https://oxygenbuilder.com/


    It is a hybrid theme/page builder.  It takes a bit of patience learning, but it has a TON of flexibility.  While I've used it, its not my builder of choice, but it sounds like this type of programming environment may work for you.  Just a thought!


    Hope this helps,


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    Re: Inline CSS added to source

    Yes I guess I will have to look into the parent theme. I looked in wp_posts, the child theme files and the beaver builder plugin files to no avail. Thanks for the feedback. It changes the background color on hover for <tr> sitewide which is very annoying.