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    Managed WP Deluxe - "Get More Visitors"

    Would love some other's perspectives on the SEO Tools provided for Managed WP Deluxe and if they in fact help with driving the right client to the site.


    Also, when advertising "100,000 monthly visitors", is this explaining the plan is good for websites that handle this much traffic already or this is how many visitors you should see if using the plan and SEO tools correctly?

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    Re: Managed WP Deluxe - "Get More Visitors"

    The SEO Tools guide you thru the best practices, but ultimately it is up to what you do.  You can do SEO on your own, the tools are just there to help.  I wouldn't upgrade for this feature alone, but higher plans also include 1-click staging (useful for testing updates before they go live), and increased bandwidth so you can handle more visitors.