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    Managed WordPress v. Managed WordPress Pro5 and IP addresses

    I recently converted all Managed WordPress sites to Managed WordPress Pro5 sites.


    I have an awesome (IMO and not affiliated) security plug-in called WP-Cerber.  


    1. Before Pro5, I received several emails per day, i.e. "blocked 10 suspicious activity to php files..." etc. Details behind the emails are in the wp-cerber activity log showing multiple IP addresses of various hack attempts.

    2. After migrating to Pro5 -

    On the WP-Cerber panel where my IP address (as in whatsmyip IP) can be whitelisted, wp-cerber displays "My IP Address: ipAddress". which is different from whatsmyIP IP.

    3. WP-Cerber documentation says that if this is the case, the host must have the site set up behind a reverse proxy. (and there are controls for that)

    4. I asked 2 different cs people at GoDaddy about reverse proxy and they did not know.

    5. Now, I am getting 0 emails about blocked threats. When I look at traffic and activity, it all shows the IP address that is not really mine (see #2). WHOIS on this IP says it belongs to GoDaddy.


    What is going on?


    So, whoever answers, please know that I am NOT savvy on DNS records except to know they exist, i.e. how A records and @ records interact - no clue. Plus I am leary to change any of that as I believe that a Managed WP customer should not have to.


    Thanks for any information and help.  I appreciate it!




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    Re: Managed WordPress v. Managed WordPress Pro5 and IP addresses



    I have a few hundred sites on Managed WordPress Pro...and while I haven't use WP-Cerber I do use other Anti-Spam plugins and Security plugins and have not seen this sort of issue.


    1) I was curious so I installed this on one of my sites - It picked up the correct IP address (Comcast Internet)

    2) How was yours different - what did it show in what is my IP vs what Cerber was showing


    GoDaddy had a v2 of Managed WordPress which they stopped offering a few months back. On v2 the servers only picked up the internal IP addresses of the network, not the public IP of the visitors.


    I am assuming you did this conversion recently so this "should not" be a v2 issue, but if you had purchased the account a while ago and were just moving the sites now it could be.


    Let us know

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    Re: Managed WordPress v. Managed WordPress Pro5 and IP addresses

    There is a really good chart to Compare Managed WordPress plans Basic, Deluxe, Ultimate & Pro 5+ MWP Plans @tiwhit. I generally find GoDaddy support to be in the know with regard to resolving concerns. When calling I know that the prompts can seem a task but you'll find that getting to the correct support person on your first call is well worth using the prompts. I hope that helps? 


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