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    Moving website from hosted country


    I'm monitoring response time to our website cccfiji.org and it seems to me that it is hosted out of US. I would like this to be moved somewhere in Australia where latency from Fiji is around 40ms. Going via US is around 170ms from Fiji.


    How do I go about doing that ?

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    Re: Moving website from hosted country

    Hi @ccc-admin,


    Godaddy have servers (37,000)  in USA, Europe and Singapore. You should always choose the server data centre closest to your location. Australia are not on the list (yet). But really there isn't usually much of a hummingbirds wing flap of difference. Slow website speed is more likely due to poor broadband infrastructure and poorly designed websites. If you have a Wordpress site these can be really slow when all the plugins available are thrown in.

    If all Wordpress sites were accessed all at the same time, the USA would have a power shortage and blackout. 



    I get 170ms too and I'm in Scotland, a lot closer than you to your servers. Would Singapore be better? I wouldn't get obsessive compulsive about speed, yes it matters, but not 130 thousandths of a second, or approximately 1/10th of a second.


    I love motorcycles  and used to have a friend who was always going on about speed gadgets on his Japanese sports bike. How he could fit titanium bolts to make his bike lighter and therefore faster etc. He would have saved money, lots of it, if he just stopped eating all the chips, beer and pies, and reduced his own weight. Cheaper way to make his 'bike' lighter and therefore faster!!!

    I never told him this as I didn't want to hurt his feelings, but I thought it often.

    I hear similar stories that can be directly applied to some websites.............................. 



    Re: Moving website from hosted country

    Hi @Anonymous</a>


    Thanks so much for the response. That clears it for me. All along I thought there are goddady host servers based in Australia as well.



    Re: Moving website from hosted country

    hey ccc-admin

    just a quick response to that. I am based in Newcastle AU, and we get a better ping response and page load from the USA hosting rather than Singapore, as the interconnects into Asia are saturated. I'm hosting my site in the USA but it is seriously hurting my SEO scores, so, unfortunately, i need to look at an AU hosting company for my site just so I won't be punished by Google. 7-11 second page load times lose you customers, but then again I host my Church site with Go Daddy and it is fine as we don't have the "fickle customer" aspect you do with those shopping around.


    Until Go Daddy come to AU, hosting with them will hurt SEO scores if that matters to you 😞 



    moving web hosting to new URL along with current website

    I purchased a url and web hosting through godaddy and built a wordpress site using the wordpress built in page builder but now I need to change the url of the site.


    What is the easiest way to transfer the web hosting and full web site over to a new URL without losing any work that has already been completed. I dont want a redirect, I need to move everything to the new URL.


    Should I create a full back up of the wordpress site, have go daddy move the web hosting over and then do a full restore of wordpress from the back up file i created. Would that work?


    Thanks for any help.


    Re: moving web hosting to new URL along with current website



    My Hosting current set up at Europe, now I would like to move Singapore. So, how can I do it?

    Please avdise.