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    Non Godaddy SSL Certificate with Managed Wordpress

    I must be stupid - googled this to death and can't find the answer.


    I have Managed Wordpress and have set up a website.  Before I go live with it, I want to make SSL work (the domain isn't pointing towards the site yet, so I expect this will cause errors in the browser).


    I installed the plugin Really Simple SSL...and got a free 90 day SSL certificate to test out the process.  I'm not clear on how I install the SSL certificate on Managed Wordpress.  I believe if I had cPanel for a managed server, I could do this via a Web GUi, but this isn't possible with Managed Wordpress.


    I have SSH access and don't mind doing things manually if needed, but really need to document the procedure to install the certificate and to renew it in future.


    How do you achieve this if using Managed Wordpress?

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    Re: Non Godaddy SSL Certificate with Managed Wordpress

    You can use cloudflare which is a free service and they offer SSL through their system. 

    Re: Non Godaddy SSL Certificate with Managed Wordpress

    I'm still not following.  I have an SSL certificate in hand.  I just can't find a guide how I put this onto Managed Wordpress hosted by Godaddy...is this even possible without having access to something like cPanel for controlling the webserver?

    Re: Non Godaddy SSL Certificate with Managed Wordpress

    I have see no options in the admin besides buying a cert through them.


    But I have installed a cert on a godaddy managed wp account by using cloudflare and using the FREE ssl cert they provide.


    You do get sftp credentials which you could try ssh onto the server and install the cert, but if you need a click button option, I believe it's either pay godaddy the extra or something like cloudflare.


    Re: Non Godaddy SSL Certificate with Managed Wordpress

    Hi @notoriousrab430 ! Thank you for being apart of the Godaddy Community!


    What some have mentioned above is true.  Since there is no interface for this type of hosting, to keep things light, there isn't going to be a way to import a 3rd party certificate.  This leaves you with a few options.  You can use CDN network to insert the free SSL, Like Cloudflare or Website Security.  This will give you a firewall to route traffic through which has SSL. You can also pay for a basic SSL certificate to add to the hosting account.  Hope this helps.

    All the best,
    GoDaddy Hosting Support