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    Staging site do not allow wp-admin

    hi, my staging site managed by "goDaddy" do not let me authenticate in the wp-admin giving the msg "Sorry, you are not allowed to access this page." for all users.


    the front site is working fine, the problem is only with the administration part.


    any tips?



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    Re: Staging site do not allow wp-admin

    Hi @scottyoga,

    what is your domain name?


    Re: Staging site do not allow wp-admin

    Don't know if you have an answer yet but I had the same problem when I first set up staging.


    Here's what was necessary to get the staging area up and running after creating it:


    From My Products -> Managed Wordpress Websites Manage -> Wordpress Sites Settings ->

    Staging -> Synch Options -> Select Pull production to staging and Overwrite and Click on Synch


    Now you should be able to work on your staging site by clicking on one of the several

    Staging WP Admin buttons or you can click Manage in the Staging section of the Wordpress Sites page.


    Good luck.

    Re: Staging site do not allow wp-admin

    I have a similar problem, however my stating WP Admin is grayed out. It will not allow me to pull production into staging error.  Do you know why?  I am using a theme on my production site that isn't a standard WP theme.


    How do I edit the staging site?

    I'm fully familiar with the concept of staging and production, having used it before in multiple web development environments, but I'm having trouble actually getting to the staging site.


    Here's what I've been doing, which isn't working.

    I log on to my GoDaddy account, and go to My Products.

    From there I go to Managed WordPress Websites and click Manage All.

    On the site I want to edit, to the right of Staging, I click Manage. That brings me to My Account/ WordPress / Settings / Staging.

    I click the button that Staging WP Admin. I get an error message that says "Sorry, you are not allowed to access this page."


    What am I doing wrong?


    I just tried the same thing with the other web site and it works fine. Is there anything I should look at before I call support?


    [Edited to correct typo.]