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    Staging site getting SSL error

    Hello all,


    I recently started a staging site intending to test PHP upgrading, but the staging site keeps returning this error to me:


    Staging error.png

    My production site is working fine, and everything is synced. Does this mean I need to buy a SSL certificate for a staging site too? 


    Thank you.

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    Super User II

    Re: Staging site getting SSL error



    As of right now the staging site (and temp urls - a.k.a. myftpupload.com) do not include SSL 

    You might have a plugin forcing SSL - so you might have to manually disabled that via the database


    Look for active_plugins in the options table and set it to  a:0:{}

    That will disable all the plugins and then you can just enable the ones you need


    If that still doesn't fix the issue of getting to the site without HTTPS, then check the wp-config.php for a force SSL with a value of 1 and change it to 0

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