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    Super Slow TTFB (Time to First Byte) on GoDaddy Managed Wordpress Hosting

    I have a managed Wordpress hosting account. My Wordpress site seems to load very slowly even though I am using Cloudflare (for both page caching and fast DNS), GoDaddy CDN and Jetpack image CDN for caching and performance. I have reason to believe that the slow load time is due to a very high TTFB (time to first byte) which is due to GoDaddy's server taking too long to process the dynamic Wordpress files. To determine this, I opened Google Chrome browser and inspector with the inspector tab on "Network" and "Disable cache" checked. I then compared the TTFB for the following pages


    (Dynamic PHP database-driven Wordpress site)




    (Static HTML version of the dynamic page above)




    With everything else being equal, the static HTML version of the same but dynamic page is much, much faster when it comes to TTFB which results in much faster load times and should result in better Google ranking.


    Is there something that GoDaddy can do to improve the server processing times to reduce TTFB (e.g. more RAM, faster database, or whatever does the trick)?



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    Re: Super Slow TTFB (Time to First Byte) on GoDaddy Managed Wordpress Hosting



    I have a few hundred sites on MWP and haven't seen a TTFB issue. 

    I did some tests on your site





    The first 2 were at 205ms and the 3rd was as 149ms


    I see you are using CloudFlare - I actually recommend NOT using CloudFlare with MWP as MWP has built in caching and thereby you are double caching the content and can run into other issues


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    Re: Super Slow TTFB (Time to First Byte) on GoDaddy Managed Wordpress Hosting

    I paused my Cloudflare account and purged my entire Cloudflare cache then waited 2 hours. I tested again using Chrome inspector and I was still getting high TTFB values. I then tried loading my site in Edge and it loaded quickly so I figured some Chrome extensions were interfering. I disabled all Chrome extensions and then my site loaded quickly and had low TTFB values. I then re-enabled each extension one by one but couldn't find which extension may have caused the high TTFB. I reenabled all extensions and I'm still getting low TTFB values (fast load time) so I guess Cloudflare was the issue. 


    Thanks for your help.