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    Timing out when trying to access site

    We have a Worpress site through GoDaddy, and the domain is also registered with them.


    Recently, it started timing out on various of our internet connections (would still work on others). I looked for a common factor, and the only one I could see was the use of Sonicwall firewalls -the connections do not have the same router, are not all with the same ISP, and are not even all the same type of connection. I discussed this with Sonicwall support and we ran various tests, including Wireshark which showed that the connection was resetting for no clear reason and that the problem appeared to be with GoDaddy's servers.


    I subsequently found other connections without Sonicwall firewalls where it also wouldn't work, so it's definitely not a Sonicwall problem. It therefore has to be a GoDaddy issue as there are no other options left.


    My colleage who is populating the website contacted GoDaddy support who were not at all helpful and claimed it was an ISP issue and we would need to contact them to clear the cache. This is not meaningful in the context of the actual issue as multiple ISPs are involved and it's simply not feasible that the same fault is affecting all of them at the same time - it just sounds like a response to get us to go away for a while.


    The online help chat is offline, and I don't currently have time to spend ages in a phone queue for more similarly unhelpful advice. Has anyone else encountered this, and can anyone suggest a solution? I am reluctant to suggest to my colleages that we may have to move the site to a different provider, given that we've paid for it now, but if no solution can be found we may have no option.



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    Helper I

    Yes I am having this issue with 2 wordpress sites and posted about it recently (nobody has replied yet). It's been going on for about a week. Every time I speak to godaddy I'm given a different story. Today one of my sites briefly came back on, then now both have gone down again. I can't even log into my admin dashboard. They also blame my ISP, but I have spoken to them and had tests run on the line, it isn't a fault their end. Funnily enough to try and solve the problem, the Godaddy advisor yesterday wanted me to pay for an upgrade to my current basic plan...

    I’ve put a new site live today and have numerous people tell me it works and some say it doesn’t... now I have git this evening .. I cannot get it to work from home... I had notice from the office it was really slow compared to other sites.


    very disappointed at the moment, but cannot point fingers until I understand why, if that’s a all possible.. but interesting to see that your problem seems very similar to mine

    Getting Started

    I'm having the exact same issues with www.lowerhousecc.com constantly. It's annoying as my users are contacting me and I can access the site fine. It is certain ISPs from what I can muster, BT and Vodafone being some of them.


    So annoying as GoDaddy are just shrugging it off like its not their problem.

    Just to add to my first post, yesterday I spent 3 hours discussing it over GoDaddy's online chat. They kept on trying to claim it was the ISP, until I provided tracert logs from several connections (different ISPs) showing the exact same issue, along with screenshots and a Wireshark log. They then agreed to escalate it and said I would get a response back within 24 hours.


    I received an email late last night saying that they had looked at it and it was an ISP issue and I would need to contact my ISP! They completely ignored the point that it affects connections from multple ISPs.


    I went back on the online chat (you can't respond to support emails) and again demonstrated via new tracert logs that it was affecting multiple ISPs and it was not credible that all of them had the same fault at the same time. They initially refused to escalate it again, but after I'd provided all the logs they did so, and apparently I should hear back within 72 hours. I asked them to put a note on the case saying that I did not expect another response telling me to contact my ISP!


    So I await a response...

    Please keep me updated Yorkshire!

    (I'm from Lancashire, be nice!)


    I did the exact same thing, sending tracerts proving it was different ISPs (BT and Vodafone) and they weren't having any of it. They love to bag you off to an ISP.


    Hopefully if a solution is found for yours, it could be a one size fits all fix as loads of users are reporting this.

    @hopey - as regards your site www.lowerhousecc.com, I've just tried it and am seeing exactly the same timeout issue as we are seeing with our site.

    Yep - this is why I think its a GoDaddy issue and not ISP.

    I have only spoken to them once and yes, they pointed to external issues as the source of the problem and that it was not theirs .. but after googling and seeing all these comments when I get time, I will be moving my hosting, I don't have time to tinker to try and resolve this ..


    So it will be interesting if you good a prompt response from them with a solution?

    Getting Started

    Escalated a call myself @Yorkshire and got this response. At least they are admitting there is a problem now.


    Please be informed that a report has already been escalated to our Development team regarding issue with customers getting time out error on Managed Wordpress plans located in United Kingdom (some within Europe). They are investigating the cause and working on the said concern. Other sites are resolving now.

    I've just spent time on the phone to GoDaddy as my wordpress site is down for most users. Apparently it's OK on mobile and if I download Opera I can use a vpn to see it, which is really handy for the rest of the country to see my website, if I could just get them to download a new browser everytime they want to visit. They are now saying it is not their problem, and it's not BT's problem, it's a third party problem with a server, but they don't know who the third party are or more to the point are unwilling to say for some reason. Plus they are dismissive of any follow up as it's been going on "for 10 days or so" and they have no idea when it will be resolved.

    Having spoken to support again they are passing the buck and blaming BT .. before I migrated my site last week, it worked fine on my previous service provider. They do not appear interested in resolving the problem and are not bothered about losing the business, no doubt getting my money back for the service and ssl cert that doesn’t work will be a problem, or are they a honest company and will refund me?

    and every time I try to nowmpost this it seems to fail too ...

    Having the same issue!

    Latest news.


    After another long online chat last week they admitted it was a hosting issue and passed it back to their support, after asking for the Wireshark trace for the third time (they'd evidently managed to lose it twice).


    Today I've received an email which says:

    "Thank you for contacting Hosting Support about the issue with pulling up the Managed WordPress site from your location. We have been monitoring this issue and reached out to our admins about this issue and it is isolated to your location or internet service provider and the sites are pulling from other locations."


    So we are back yet again to the pathetic excuse of claiming that it's an ISP fault, despite me having provided tracert logs for three different ISPs, and pointing them to this discussion. They have yet again completely ignored the point about it affecting multiple ISPs.


    I've tried the online chat, but although it appears to be online if you try to open a session it tells you to phone them, and of course you can't reply to support emails. Presumably this is a deliberate ploy to make it as difficult as possible to contact them.


    Anyone else got any further? I think we are just going to have to give up. This company is a joke and clearly regard their customers with absolute contempt and think they can fob them off with excuses which in no way address the actual problem. I guess I'd better look at whether they have a formal complaints procedure, but I don't expect to get anywhere.