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    jQuery serving from Google (or other CDN) rather than local server

    Google Page Analytics tools tell me that my website (www.sammamishmosque.com) has 3 blocking JS scripts, 2 of which are jQuery (jQuery.js and jQuery-migrate.js).  But my question is my website serving its own instance of jQuery in the first place?  Why does my instance of WordPress not use Google's CDN version of JS (the article talking about why is here)?  Or the JS CDN?  That way my users don't have to download them from my site and, since their browser already has a copy of the latest jQuery, my page download is much smaller.  Moreso the non-existant download is not blocking my page rendering.




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    Re: jQuery serving from Google (or other CDN) rather than local server

    This is based on the theme you are using, if the author used a local instance or CDN url.


    One option is to find the function in the theme's scripting that loads the jQuery file and modify it to use a CDN instead.


    Another option is to find a plug-in that swaps out the references for you.  It looks like this one may do the trick: