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    "Migrate" Managed WP Site A to new Managed WP Domain

    I have two domains with Managed Wordpress Hosting.  Domain A was the original, published website (quick and dirty).  I built the "new and improved" website on Domain B.  It is now complete and I want to publish to the world using Domain A.  Can this be done?



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    Re: "Migrate" Managed WP Site A to new Managed WP Domain



    All you have to do is change the domain on website B to the domain that you would like to use.  


    Here is a step-by-step.


    HTH!  😉

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    Migrating WP - Domain not showing when adding

     Hi Community,


    I have migrated a WP from a Godaddy hosted site to a Godaddy Managed WP.  A temporary host name has been assigned.  This is working correctly. 


    I am now attempting to change IP to this new site, however the domain is not available.  I have updated the A record to the correct IP and waited 1 hour.  No luck.  An external ping reports the correct IP, but the Wordpress->Settings->Domain->"Add Domain" screen fails on "Not already hosted elsewhere".   When the IP is changed the production site is down with a response of "Page ok".  

    Am I missing something?