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1 domain - 2 websites

Hi, I'm confused with this scenario, I have 1 godaddy com domain.

I have it configured for Google for Business, where I use it for Gmail in my own domain.

That all works very well.


Can I, however, use the same domain name to point to another server/website, without affecting my Gmail? I want to use it only for www address hosted on another server - not for email.


Thanks for any suggestions

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Super User II

Re: 1 domain - 2 websites



Yes, you can have your domain email with one service and your web hosting with another.  Generally speaking here's how it works...


For your gmail, your domain's DNS record notes MX servers.  Those are the mail exchange servers used for email.


When you are ready to have your website also use your domain, you would change the Nameservers on your DNS to reflect those provided by your web host. 


Your domain's DNS record would then reflect both - nameservers for your website and MX servers for your email.


HTH! 😉


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Re: 1 domain - 2 websites

Yes, where is the website hosted?