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Ability to Delete Domain and Register it on WIX?

I have a client who registered his domain on GoDaddy and now wants to have his site built with WIX. All good to me at the end of the day but what I really need to figure out is if I delete this domain on GoDaddy whether I'll be able to pick it up within 24hrs and host it via WIX??


I'm trying to go about this in the simplest way possible. Thanks!


Hi @SuperstarRemy, thanks for posting.

You would not want to delete the domain name. It can take 45-90 days for the domain name to become available for registration, and there wouldn't be a guarantee that you would be able to register it again.

You should be able to host the website for the domain on Wix by updating the nameservers for your domain. Wix should be able to provide you with nameservers to use to connect your domain name with the website created through them. Once you have them, you can use the steps in this article to update the nameservers for your domain:


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Thanks for chiming in and clarifying that GaryA. Good thing I never deleted it! Either way I've since been able to resolve the issue.

Great to hear that you've resolved the issue @SuperstarRemy! It would be helpful to others in the Community if you'd come back and share what you did to resolve the issue. Thanks much!


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