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Adding a subdomain

I have read every article I can find on how to add a subdomain but I just can't seem to figure it out because I keep getting a 403 Forbidden error. Can someone please simplify this for me. I've followed the Godaddy tutorial to a tee and nothing. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Re: Adding a subdomain

Hi @jennyt13,

How are you today?

Seeing as you have read all the docs, I thought I would find you a video to watch Cat Happy


Good luck!


Re: Adding a subdomain

This video is basically the same directions that godaddy gives on how to create a subdomain and I still keep getting the 403 error when I visit my subdomain. My problem is that my subdomain is offline and I don't understand why or how to fix it


Edit: It is now redirecting to the domain. I just want a separate page

Edit #2: I got off the phone with domain support and they have helped me with my problem

Re: Adding a subdomain

Hi Jenny,

What was the fix?