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Bulk forward all emails on closing domain



My apologies if this is a very basic question, but I can't seem to find any clear guidance on this. I am cancelling my godaddy domain as I no longer require it. The email address associated with this domain I presume will be lost.


I use the default mail program on my macbook and my domain emails are all stored locally (and on the server), but is there a way I can get all my domain emails transferred to say a new gmail account, so that I'm not reliant on the local storage on my mac  (without of course forwarding each email individually)?


Also I presume anyone in the future who contacts this email address will get a bounceback, but is there any service that lets you personalise the bounceback to direct the sender to a new email address?


Not too clued up on this kind of stuff, so would appreciate any pointers. Many thanks


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Re: Bulk forward all emails on closing domain

I'm not sure what your domain is but let's just use Once you do not renew that domain it will go to the open market and any new owner would receive the emails as they have it configured. You cannot control bounce back, emails, or anything else if you don't control (own) the domain. When I have clients that sunset domains I usually push for a year to notify anyone who might email or otherwise. I find that best practice is to keep any domain you have cultivated for your business. Basically if you care about any emails then you care about the domain ownership and should not sunset it. 


As for downloading your content before you release your domain you can absolutely export/archive your entire mailbox from the server. Check out How do I back up my Web-Based Email Account. I hope that helps? 



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