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Can I add a wildcard A Record?



I have an A record entry in one my managed domain and it is pointed to some value.

I need help in solving the below.


Let's say for an example A record name is 'kachwa' and is pointing to , I want my clients to be able to resolve to with any A record name, it can be or, can this be achieved?



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Re: Can I add a wildcard A Record?

It sounds like you are asking about a 'wildcard' A record, this is not available with GoDaddy DNS.

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Community Manager

Re: Can I add a wildcard A Record?

Hi @SureshKachwa. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! I hate to contradict @Nate, but this is possible in some circumstances. I depend more on the IP address you're pointing to. For instance, if you have a cPanel account, you should be able to create a wildcard DNS entry. To do this, you'd add "*" as your host (see images below). 


wildcard A record.png




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