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Can't change to new custom nameservers.

So I'm already using custom nameservers from when I transferred my domains to GoDaddy.  The NS records for all of my domains are 2 servers in the .EDU TLD.  My new nameservers (trying to retire the old servers) are also going to be in that same .EDU TLD ... but I'm unable to change the nameservers in my domain records to the new servers?


I received some instructions from the tech support folks w/r/t setting up a new nameserver within GoDaddy, but it was all skewed towards the cpanel/webhost manager and ... since the domain where these new servers are isn't in GoDaddy, that approach won't work here.  And, for that matter, doesn't explain how my current nameservers are valid for when I switch back to them.


Anyone have an idea how I might get out of this catch-22 while I head back into the phone queue?


Thanks in advance!!