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Can't switch to GoDaddy name servers

I cannot switch the name servers on majority of domains on my account over to Godaddy's DNS.  I've searched everywhere and tried the fixes suggested online.  Nothing works.  I've contacted GoDaddy support about 6 times (on the phone and online chat).  Every time I am told that they are fixing it, which takes 30 odd minutes and then they claim it has to propagate to take effect and I must wait anything between 24 hours and 5 days. This is obviously not true as when I export a list of domains from the godaddy control panel I see that the name servers are exactly as they were before the call.  Then there is nothing to propagate as nothing changed.  So either the tech supports that have helped me all do not have a clue how the Domain Name System works or they are just lazy and not even attempting to assist! DNS changes only needs to propagate if there were changes but still those changes will be evident on the source (which acts like a master list) which is then "copied" to all the name servers in the world. But the changes will still be visible on the original name server. Thus my export should show whatever changes there was made on the domains. I need help urgently

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It's hard to say what's going on without seeing the domain(s) that you're working on. Most common domains (.COM, .ORG, .NET, etc) take 24-48 hours for the change of nameserver to propagate. However there are some CCTLDs (country-code domains) that can either take longer (up to 10 days), or even have certain restrictions on the use of nameservers. You can check out your specific domain requirements here, choosing the appropriate ending for your domain. 






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