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Cancelling domain renewal does not work

Whenever I click "Cancel renewal" for my domain, I get this warning:


Anyway to workaround this and cancel my domain renewal without calling that expensive customer support number? There used to be an online support but since it is disabled it is pretty ineffective calling foreign country number and waste money.

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Re: Cancelling domain renewal does not work

Looking at your error I'm wondering if your domain is locked @Grafu? Try Unlock my domain and see if that works?


One thing I'd say is that there is no real need to cancel a domain. You have paid in advance for your term and canceling a domain generally provides no advantage. I'd say to just turn off auto-renew and let the domain naturally slip away. I can tell you from experience that realizing that you need/want a domain that you've pitched is no fun. If you let the domain naturally expire it just gives you that extra redemption time. Cancelation is so sudden and final. I hope that helps? 


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Re: Cancelling domain renewal does not work

Thank you, unlocking the domain solved my problem. And about that no need to cancel a domain. Yes, I wanted to cancel only auto renew on expiring date, but locked domain did not let me do this and gave me error posted above. Did not mean to cancel