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Cant add certain SRV record names? (solution updated)

I do a lot of subdomain routing on the sites i own.  
However lately. one of the sites refuses to let me save a SRV record matching the A record.

This is only specific to me using the sub prefix "mc"     all the other prefixes i use and route work fine, things like ftp. rdc. dev. all work just fine with SVR and A record (i even have another .com with a mc sub attached and it works fine)... but trying to save mc. on this particular .com simply says invalid site when trying to save the record.   

Super weird, and very annoying as out of all my domains, only this 1 .com with the specific sub of "mc" refuses to save.  Possible the account is flagged or just corrupt? 

I've been waiting on the "less than a minute" chat connection window now for 40 min.  Thought i would ask the community if they have seen this behavior with DNS records before.



-update for the solution, but still cant explain why.   once i set the site to @.  this particular domain started forwarding the "mc" out properly.   2 of my other sites also use mc for a subdomain, but the records are input normal with mc as the server pointing to the IP address, not the @ DNS.   Happy this works, but utterly confused why just 1 of my domains requires it configured this way.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Cant add certain SVR record names? (solution updated)

Hey @geekrawker. Glad you were able to get something figured out. I'm not sure why you'd have this issue either. I'd be happy to take a closer look if you can provide the domain name in question and another domain to compare it to. Screenshots may also help.


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Re: Cant add certain SVR record names? (solution updated)

Thanks Jesse,

Pardon the blacking of some IP information, public and priv servers and dont need any additional spam to the addresses Smiley Happy

Ok, here is a simple example of how GoDaddy normally saves my records, just html and the game app:

Next, the problem domain (my main development domain so lots of routing):

Lastly I played around with another domain, and it forced me to save @ again on the latest update:
have we always needed to use @?  Maybe i've been doing it wrong for a decade? Or something change in the past couple weeks with how Go Daddy handles DNS records?   Thanks again,  Its working.. but i'm still generally curious whats wrong.  I don't typically use CNAME, but if i add the CNAME it doesn't change the necessity for using @ with the SRV record in my case.  Smiley Happy

Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Cant add certain SVR record names? (solution updated)

Thanks for following up @geekrawker. I was able to duplicate what you're talking about. However, in addition to using @, I found that I could use a full domain. For example, if I set up an A record for, I can specify that as the target for the SRV record, rather than just "mc". I'm guessing there was a change recently to push this, likely for performance or security reasons. I hope that helps. 


JesseW - GoDaddy | Community Manager | 24/7 support available at | Remember to choose a solution and give kudos.

Re: Cant add certain SVR record names? (solution updated)

Thanks again,  my issue with @ is just the mental logic and miss understanding that @ = DNS not IP. 

My last example seems to make no sense if @ = IP, all those subdomains route to 2 different physical boxes under 71.x.x.x.

I'll start using your suggestion of "" so it simply looks cleaner and makes more visual sense.