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Custom Nameserver :: Website Offline

My domain is registered with and also I've hosting with Godaddy.

My website and emails were working fine till yesterday.

I've also booked hosting with another host and my new website is uploaded there.

I changed my domain's nameservers to custom nameservers so i can use some other hosting provider.


But after changing nameservers to custom, my website goes offline within 05 minutes and its been 15 hours now, website is still offline (server not found error) and my emails are not working too.

Need a quick solution, what might be wrong?


Website is now online

It was VPS Clustering Issue (which is rare), but It did resolved now

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Hi @curlsandcolors

After running an external DNS lookup, your domain is not resolving to any nameservers. Please make sure you added the right custom nameservers, also please keep in mind it can take 24-48 hours for the changes to resolve externally. If you are still using our email you will need to add our MX records with your hosting provider so your email becomes active when the records resolve.

KayJay - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
24/7 support available at

Dear Moderator

Yes you are right that domain is not being resolved to any nameserver, which is really strange.

I have used custom nameservers, which are absolutely OK and up and these are

Some domains that are using these nameservers and working fine are etc


The problem is:

Hence, I've updated custom nameservers, the website should have not be offline at all.

It went offline, within 02 minutes when I saved custom nameservers, which is pretty fast.

But nameservers or DNS propagation at your end (cache clearing) is way too slow, it is set to 48 hours, which is quite unacceptable.

Have a look at :

When i checked from that website it gave me 48 hours time and now remaining TTL is : 96030 which is 26 hours plus, that's completely unbearable.


Further alos check this :

domain nameservers were propagated in 04 countries on 21st March, 2018 (when i updated the nameservers here) and they are still at 04 countries and its 234d March, 2018.............. it is way too slow synchronization and I am sure it is stuck at your end or there is some issue here at Godaddy itself. (maybe some sort of locking or blocking etc)


Ideal scenario is:

the website should have been running from your server and new server at the same time, so until the propagation is complete, the website would remain visible at least, but that's not the case.

can you please TTL to 1800 so it gets synchronized quickly.


I've my domain with you and wants to use some other hosting (VPS) for my website and emails but this delay is really hurting my business reputation.

I need a proper and solid solution.

If there is something wrongly updated/changed, kindly let me know how to fix?

If there is delay (TTL or Cache Clearing) at your end, please do the needful at your earliest.

thanking you in anticipation.

Website is now online

It was VPS Clustering Issue (which is rare), but It did resolved now

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