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DKIM TXT Setup in Domain Manager

After a long time hitting my head against the support wall (or lack thereof), I came up with a solution for adding a DKIM record for my domain.  Since I saw so many posts on this subject, I decided to share the answer that tests out correctly for me.

1.  Select to add a new record of type TXT.

2.  In the Host block, enter your selector number and ._domain (example:   "1234567890._domainkey")

3. In the TXT Value block, enter the information starting with v= in your created DKIM public record.  (Example:  "v=DKIM;p=adjnsafepiusafbAP:i+AWRNG[IA{ISDFKJAIOFS{DHWRGAWVKN+Iasdof")

    Do not include the ":" after the public key, nor the time code (usually 3600), because that is identified later.

4.  In the TTL field, leave the default "1 Hour."  Click Save.


That's all there is to it.  It's surprisingly easy once you determine what goes where.

If you want to check the validity of the record after you have entered it, you can use a checking tool like the one at Mx Toolbox -

Jeff Canham