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DNS working on some devices but not some others

Hi there,

Our site was previously pointing name servers to Cloudflare, and due to some reasons we have decided to go back to default name servers at GoDaddy. All of the previous settings at GoDaddy were lost when name servers were pointed to Cloudflare, therefore have to set up all over again at GoDaddy. 3 hours later when I checked, mobile version of the site is not working, while desktop version is working on browsers like chrome, firefox etc. When I checked with my colleague, they are able to visit the site from their mobile, and at the same time a customer has also notified that they are unable to view the site from their desktop. Message showed up was the typical "This site can't be reached, server IP address could not be found.

I'm confused as it seems the site is working on different devices but not on some others, any idea on the cause and solution would be deeply appreciated!

p.s. i've cleared cache on my mobile browsers, all to no avail; meanwhile have also cleared cache on desktop browsers, but website is still working.


Hi @PCL,


Welcome to the Community!


Your website is resolving well for us in both PC browsers and on a mobile phone. However, We notice that there are popups and scripts on the website. Not all of your visitors may have their scripts up-to-date, or even activated on their mobile device (and some, less commonly, on their computer browser). You may want to check the browser settings on your mobile, especially any pop-up blockers, cookie permissions and javascript options.



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