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Domain Forwarding with Masking (Masking Info?)

I'm forwarding a hyphenated domain to our main website (the same domain name, just not hyphenated) with masking. When masking is clicked you get three new fields to fill in; Title, Description and Keywords.


Am I supposed to put the same info in those boxes as the website I'm forwarding to? I don't want to do this wrong and suffer a SEO penalty. Thanks.

Community Manager

Hi @escooter. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! If you're concerned about SEO, I'd suggest just forwarding the domain instead of masking it. Masking loads the target page in an iframe so your actual domain is never shown in the address bar. A 301 redirect of the hyphenated domain should tell search engines your permanent domain is the one without the hyphen.  Hope that helps. 


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