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Domain Forwarding with Masking not working

I have a few domains managed by GoDaddy.  One my main domain, I have web hosting on GoDaddy.  Everything works great.  


When I manage my other domains to 301 redirect with masking to the main domain, it redirects with a blank white page in Chrome, Firefox, and mobile.  IE works.  Source shows iframe to correct site, but it does not show.  


When I remove masking and just do straight redirect, everything works.  I need to mask.


Everything is managed and hosted by GoDaddy.  Something has changed.

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Re: Domain Forwarding with Masking not working

If you have Deluxe or higher the domain name can be added to your hosting plan.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Domain Forwarding with Masking not working

Hi @TravisNave - My guess would be that you are using one of our Website Builders. Currently, it's not possible to use forwarding with masking on these sites. If you are using a Website Builder product, you wouldn't be able to mask your domains when you forward them. Sorry Man Sad


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