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Domain Name Squatting

I've been periodically checking the availability of [myname].com for the last 13 years as I would like to buy it.  Every time it nears expiration, it is renewed for another two years.  The domain expiration was recently extended through 2019.  Despite this apparent configuration activity, the site has only ever shown a parking page, a blank page, or pointed to a disconnected host.  I have tried emailing the listed whois owner (bounced), and submitted a "certified offer" to buy it, but have never received any responses.
The site continues to host no content. Is there any way I can force the domain to be released for purchase so I can buy it myself?  I don't have a particularly common name or share it with anyone famous, so it's not like I'm trying to acquire or

Hi @mooseboys

What you are describing is not considered domain squatting. A person does not have to have an active site to own a domain name. If you're interested in purchasing it, you might want to look into our Domain Buy Service

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