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Free and Registered Domain URLs both working

Hi Everyone,


I have built my website via Website Builder, at first my website URL was let's say .

Now I have purchased a domain name and changed URL from website builder to use it  as


But as i can see both URLs are working, I don't want free URL to be active (

What can i do for this purpose ?




Re: Free and Registered Domain URLs both working

Hi @OnurD


Welcome to the Community! 

If you have changed the website URL from inside the Website Builder program (to just your main domain name -, you will need to point the domain to the website builder hosting plan. If you have done this, and both URL entries are resolving to your website, you may be in the middle of the propagation time for the domain (24-48 hours for all ISP providers to refresh their information). Once completed, refresh your browser to see the website only under your domain's URL. 



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