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Godaddy Is Worst Domain Seller, I Deeply Regret

Do you know that for the past 1 month, I can't make use of my domain because DNS is not changing. I try everyday and another and this silly domain seller keep doing fail. The DNS that is there is cloudflare, I want to change it to namecheap DNS, it keeps failing, Ok... I want to return it to Godaddy default DNS it is not working. What kind of devilish company with no support... Do you think all of us hear American English? Why must you only get support via phone call. Why is this useless Domain seller frustrating my life? What kind of mistake have I made in fro crying out loud. Namecheap has number 1 support, nobody can ever face what I have been facing with this useless Godaddy of a seller with Namecheap. Every made easy. Godaddy is making life difficult for me. What kind of wicked act is this!


Hi @Mthambe, thanks for posting.

Sorry to hear you feel that way and that you've had trouble with your account.

Different domain extensions (TLDs) do have different requirements for nameservers. Without knowing the exact error messages you are seeing and without knowing the domain name, it's hard to say why you might be encountering these issues.


Gary - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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I will delete the post, Jordins has really be an awesome girl. I called support, she picked and helped me out


Agreed, godAddy is one of my HUGE REGRETS.  Sad for me...  can't determine if they'll continue to implode or straighten up.