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How to set up local email server dns for server only

domain is

What is the proper dns record for email only domain.  Currently I have

Type         Name                       Value                                                              TTL
A                                                   1 Hour
A                                              1 Hour
MX         @                       (Priority: 10)                         1 Hour
MX     (Priority: 20)                         1 Hour
NS         @                                                        1 Hour
NS         @                                                        1 Hour
SOA      @                                Primary nameserver: 1 Hour


on dns reports it says No A record for 

DNS Transcript - 1 NON-AUTH 31 ms Received 2 Referrals , rcode=NO_ERROR 172800 IN NS, 172800 IN NS,

2 AUTH 0 ms Received 1 Referrals , rcode=NO_ERROR 600 IN SOA serial=2019010322,


I don't need to resolve to a website the domain is strictly for email. Any suggestions on how to clean up the dns is much appreciated.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: How to set up local email server dns for server only

Hi @462pythonnews. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! This topic was discussed on another thread. This solution may help. If not, feel free to follow up here with more details. 


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